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What are some possible applications?

Automobile Alloy Castings - Engines, Gearboxes, Sumps, and Ancillary Components,
Mountain Bike Repairs, Motorcycle Alloy Castings - Crank-cases, Fins, Brackets,
Gearboxes, Marine Alloy Castings - Engines, Skegs, Gearboxes, Brackets,
Alloy Hull Repairs - Small Craft, Canoes etc. Marine Alloy Fixtures & Fittings,
Vehicle Bodywork Repairs & Alterations - Landrover, Rangerover etc., HGV Alloy
Panels etc.Vehicle Alloy Fixtures & Fittings,Aluminum Radiator Repair,
Domestic Alloy Repairs - Toys, Ornaments, Tools, Utensils, Brackets,
Building Maintenance - Alloy Guttering, Alloy Greenhouses, Fixtures & Fittings,
Workshop & Industrial - Alloy Boxes, Tubing, Ducting, Frames, Guttering,
Greenhouse,Film or Theatre Props, Exhibition Stands, Signs, Antennas,
Cast alterations, reclamation & Prototyping,Extrusion Die repair, Prostheses,
Crutch and Wheel-chair repair, Machine Maintenance, Machine Prototyping,
Machine Tools, Aircraft Food & Luggage Containers, Farm Irrigation Pipe...

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